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The Professional Advanced Personal Shopper and Image Consultancy Training Course is a complete training course for all those who wish to be a Personal shopper and Image Consultant by starting up their own business. For those who wish to become a professional, this is the most popular online training course in Europe in this field.

The Professional Advanced Personal Shopper and Image Consultancy Training Course is subdivided into two teaching modules for a total of 20 lessons:


The first module includes the full professional training Course as a Personal Shopper, made up of 10 lessons. The course, of a highly operational nature, gives you the necessary skills to become a professional Personal Shopper in the various commercial sectors and the necessary work tools to carry out the business.


The second module, also made up of 10 lessons, teaches you the actual techniques of image consultancy and analyses the managerial aspects on how to set up, set by step, a business of Personal Shopping and Image consulting: how to obtain the financing needed, which aspects to consider, how to put oneself onto the market, how to open the business, how to find clients, how to manage them in every way, how to promote oneself and a great deal more.


Who is it for?

·        Those with diplomas and/or degrees or indeed anyone who intends to embark on a professional career in the field of image consultancy, fashion or personal assistance.

·        Professionals who desire high quality further updates or to set up their own business in this field.

·        Services agencies, fashion agencies and communication agencies.


Professional Opportunities

Personal Shoppers and Image Consultants are professionals who can work both inside a business and as freelancers. They can work in fashion and Image consultancy with their own agency or collaborating with communication companies, public relations, marketing, personal branding, fashion management and reputation management. They can work with commercial businesses such as shops and department stores, tourism associations/ companies and luxury hotels.


Total Duration

20 lessons. The Course includes online teaching with lessons in pdf format, operational tools and exercises. 



At the end of the Professional Advanced Personal Shopper and Image Consultancy Training Course, a final Assessment Test is available online. When passed, Event & Media Education will give each participant a named Certificate which certifies the specialisation and the level of Advanced Professional training achieved.


Languages available:

English, French, Italian, and Dutch.


Enrolment period:

At any time


20 lessons. The lessons can be filed directly on the computer and are available at any time of the day with no obligation of pre-set days or times.


Participants who complete the course will be awarded a Certificate of attendance of the “Advanced Professional Training Course as a Personal Shopper and Image Consultant

Maximum time to complete the course:

1 year from activation

Enrolment procedure:

Directly online

Methods of payment:

Online via PayPal or bank transfer, ticking the appropriate box which appears at the time of purchase. In the latter case, registration to Event & Media will only be confirmed on receipt of payment.










·            The role of the Personal Shopper


·            Professional opportunities, professional and managerial skills necessary


·            How the Personal Shopper works


·            How the type of services offered works


·            Client analysis and needs analysis


·            Managing the preliminary meeting.


·            Consumer psychology


·            Customer satisfaction and loyalty


·            Organisation and management of the work and agenda 


·            Mapping of the shops.


·            Creation of the book.


·            Professional development and tools of the profession


·            The Personal Shopper’s Communication and image






  • Personal shopper and image consultancy


  • The action plan with the Client and consultancy techniques


  • Analysing styles


  • Analysing colours


  • Analysing body shape


  • The principles of clothing


  • Style techniques


  • The female body and the male body


  • Camouflage and its techniques 


  • Building a wardrobe


  • Starting up a business of Personal shopping and Image consultancy


  • Cost analysis and Financing


  • The Personal Shopper’s communication and company image


  • Promotional tools and widening contacts
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