The Mission


The Event & Media Education programme arises from the co-operation and desire of a group of companies and important communication professionals with a common mission and the need to fill the training gap which often occurs between theory and practice. Aim: to favour access to quality professional training and with a highly operational base, in order to create new resources which can represent an immediate value for the company. 


Through a method of knowledge sharing, the greatest and most recognised professionals in the fields of Communication, Events, Public Relations and Media, work exclusively on the Event & Media Education programme. They, more than anyone else, are able to transmit experience beyond pure theory. These are real and actual reference points of the field who share the mission and believe in the need to train new professionals through sharing experience.


The Event & Media Education programme was born in Milan but with a mission: to take real quality training even beyond the large cities to all those who want to learn, specialise and/or operate at high levels without having to transfer. To do this, we enlist the best gurus in the fields of Events, Communication and Media who believe in learning through doing and who are willing unreservedly to share the secrets of their success, their modus operandi but especially the incalculable value of experience.




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